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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013The International Status of National Human Rights Institutions: A Comparison with NGOsQafisheh, Mutaz
2013The Interplay between International Human Rights and Labour Rights in PalestineQafisheh, Mutaz
2021-05-03Inversion and word order in English: A functional perspectiveFarrah, Mohammed; Assaiqeli, Aladdin; Maniam, Mahendran
2015-01-01Investigating The Use of Communicative English Language Teaching at UNRWA Primary Schools in Hebron District: al- Arroub Boys School – A Case StudyJawabreh, Hiba
1999-03-31Investigating production opportunities, marketing efficiency, and options of trade for fruits and vegetables in Palestine.Aburajab Tamimi, Talat
2020-12-20Investigating the effectiveness of flipped learning on enhancing students’ English language skillsFarrah, Mohammed; Abu Safiyeh, Hadeel
2017-01-01Investigating the Impact of Using Facebook on the Elementary Students' Writing Ability at the Private Schools in HebronZatary, Bayan Rajeh
2016An Investigation into Punctuation and Capitalization Errors Made by Hebron University EFL StudentsZahida, Riyad; Farrah, Mohammed; Zahida, Riyad; Zaru, Naji
2016-01-01An Investigation of the Pragmatic Competence in the Palestinian Curriculum,English for Palestine: The 9th Grade Textbook as a Case StudyQawasmi, Ayah Khader
1990Ion Transport in Single Crystals of the Clay-Like Aluminosilicate vermiculiteMaraqah, Hatem
1991-11-01The Ionic Conductivity of Hydrogen VermiculiteMaraqah, Hatem
1993Ionic Diffusion in Single Crystals of VermiculiteMaraqah, Hatem
2022-03-17islEHR, a model for electronic health records interoperabilityAmro, Belal; Najjar, Arwa; Macido, Mario
2021-08isolation and charecterizatiin of bacteria from diabetic foot ulcerM Shaheen, S Al Dahab, M Abu Fada, R Idieis
2002-05Isolation and purification of a fatty acid binding protein in GiardiaHasan, S
2002Isolation and purification of a fatty acid binding protein in Giardia-
2002The Israeli Violations of Palestinian Citizens’ Rights during 2001Qafisheh, Mutaz
2011Juvenile Justice System in Palestine: Current Situation and Reform ProspectsQafisheh, Mutaz
1986-03-18Kinetics of Decomposition of Some B-Diketones and their Actinide complexes with HalatesMaraqah, Hatem
2022-11-28Knowledge about hepatitis B among nurses in the governmental healthcare sector in southern West Bank, PalestineQaisiya, 1. Mohammed; Nur, Haneen