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Title: Interaction in Online Learning Environment during Covid -19: Factors behind Lack of Interaction and Ideas for promoting it.
Authors: Farrah, Mohammed
Jabari, Shatha
Keywords: COVID-19; interaction, online learning; face to face learning; participation; ideas and suggestions.
Issue Date: 20-Dec-2020
Publisher: Bulletin of Advanced English Studies (BAES
Citation: 7. Farrah, Mohammed & Shatha "Mohammad Ghassan" Jabari (2020). Interaction in Online Learning Environment during Covid -19: Factors behind Lack of Interaction and Ideas for promoting it. Bulletin of Advanced English Studies (BAES). 5 (2) 47-56
Abstract: Due to COVID-19 pandemic, the learning process shifted from face- to- face learning into online learning as schools and universities closed almost all over the word. With the shift from face to face into online learning, the learning process effected negatively specially students’ interaction. In the online learning process, students tend to avoid interacting for many different reasons the study discussed. In light of this shift, by exploring the experiences and perceptions of the English language students at Hebron University, Palestine, this descriptive survey research aimed to investigate the reasons behind students’ lack of interaction during their online class sessions. It also tries to provide some useful ideas and suggestion that instructors may use in order to increase their students' interaction and participation with relevance to some other studies. The researchers employed a mono method quantitative research approach. A survey-questionnaire was posted online through Google forms to all English language major students Hebron University. The findings reported some reasons behind lack of interaction and some suggestions to promote interaction based on the participants’ perceptions. The study provides instructors and educational decision makers with pedagogical insights that may better shape the learning/teaching process in the online environment.
ISSN: ISSN 2617-6459 (Online) ISSN 2617-6440 (Print)
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