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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-01-01A Stylistic Analysis of African American Dialect in Alice Walker's The Color PurpleAbu Keifeh, Sahar Ahmad
2022-01-01A Stylistic Analysis of Caste The Origins of Our DiscontentsAtwan, Fadel Abbas
2021-01-01A Stylistic Analysis of F. Scott. Fitzgerald’s Novel The Great GatsbyAbu Qweider, Manal Kamel
2019-01-01A Stylistic Analysis of Francis Ford Coppola’s trilogy Movie TheGodfather.Najjar, Saja Khalil
2020-01-01A Stylistic Analysis of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone FilmKababji, samar Daoud
2018Sulh in Palestine: A Middle Eastern Method of Conflict ResolutionAwawda, Osayd
2006-01-01Supporting microthread scheduling and synchronisation in CMPsHasasneh, Nabil; Bell, Ian; Jesshope, Chris
2017-04-15Surface energy of metal alloy nanoparticlesTakrori, Fahed, Ahmed Ayyad
2019-01-01Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Chalcones, Isoxazole and Pyrazole Derivatives Attached with Adamantyl SubstituentAl Hammouri, Sara
2017-01-01Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Novel Adamantylated Heterocyclic RingsTiti, Kariman Mahmoud
2022-01-01Synthesis and Characterization of Graphene Oxide ad Magnetic Nanoparticles for Drug DeliveryAl Hroub, Razan Mohammad
2018-01-01Synthesis of some Pyrazolone and Pyrazole Derived from AdamantylChalcones DerivativesAl-Saheb, Rawan Izzaldeen
2019-12-01Task-based learning in the textbook English for PalestineKaraki, Rasha; Farrah, Mohammed
2017-01-01“To what extent do Palestinian Companies Working in Service Sector Comply with Corporate Governance Codes”Anastas, Johny Nabil
2017-01-01Towards Accurate Real-Time Traffic Sign Recognition Based on Unsupervised Deep Learning of Spatial Sparse Features: A PerspectiveHasasneh, Nabil; Daraghmi, Yousef-Awwad; Hasaneh, Ahmad
2022-12-01Towards Secure Interoperability of EHR among Healthcare Organizations in PalestineAsafrah, mohammad; Amro, Belal
2006-06-22Towards web usability: Providing web contents according to the readers contextsAl-Jabari, Mohanad; Mrissa, Michael; Thiran, Philippe
2010-12-01Transcriptome analysis reveals absence of unintended effects in drought-tolerant transgenic plants overexpressing the transcription factor ABF3Abdeen, Ashraf
2014Transfer of natural radionuclides from soil to plants and grass in the Western North of West Bank Environment, PalestineThabayneh, Khalil
2016-05-01The Translatability of Brand Names in Cosmetic AdvertisementsMahmood K. M. ESHRETEH