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Title: Sulh in Palestine: A Middle Eastern Method of Conflict Resolution
Authors: Awawda, Osayd
Keywords: Conflict Resultion; ADR; Sulh; Conciliation; Palestine
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Scholar's Press
Citation: Awawda, Osayd, Sulh in Palestine: A Middle Eastern Method of Conflict Resolution (Scholar's Press, 2018)
Abstract: Many legal practitioners and business consultants trained in the Western countries have returned to their home countries in the Middle East, like Jordan, Lebanon, and Occupied Palestine, ready to apply what they were taught about Western conflict resolution methods. However, many sociologists and law scholars believe that these methods are insensitive to the unique culture of the Middle East, particularly regarding conflict resolution methods. Palestinians see Western methods as avenues to normalise and facilitate the peace process between them and the leaders of the Israeli Entity.
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