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Title: Square-wave oscillations in semiconductor ring lasers with delayed optical feedback
Authors: Mashal, L.
Van der Sande, G.
Danckaert, J.
Verschaffelt, G.
Keywords: semiconductor ring lasers, optical feedback
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Opt. Express
Citation: 39
Series/Report no.: 20;22503-22516
Abstract: We analyze experimentally and theoretically the effects of delayed optical cross-feedback in semiconductor ring lasers. We show that under appropriate conditions, feeding of only one directional mode back into the counter-propagating mode leads to square-wave oscillations. In this regime, the laser switches regularly between the two counter-propagating modes with a period close to twice the roundtrip time in the external feedback loop. We find that these oscillations are robust and appear for a wide range of parameters as long as a small asymmetry in the linear coupling between both modes is present. We show that by increasing the feedback strength or the injection current, the square-wave oscillations gradually disappear. Due to noise, mode-hopping between stable lasing in one directional mode and square wave oscillations is observed in this transition region
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