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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-01-01Abdulfatah Al-Sisi's Ideology and Identity: Critical Discourse Analysis of Selected SpeechesJamjoum, Othman Abdalgani
2013The Ability of the Palestinian Legal System to Secure Adequate Standards of Living: Reform or Failed State DutyQafisheh, Mutaz
2021-12-30abo BLOOD GROUPS AND covid-19M Shaheen, M Al Junaidi
2021-01-01Absorbing Boundary Conditions for Linear Hyperbolic SystemAl Halahla, Huda
2017-12-20The activation of autophagy protects neurons and astrocytes against bilirubin-induced cytotoxicityQaisiya, Mohammed
2021-01-01Adaptation of Agricultural Practices Toward Mitigating Drought Effects on Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Production in PalestineAbu-Rabada, Eyas Mahmoud
2017-01-01Adomian Decomposition Method Numerical Implementation and Physical ApplicationsSarahna, Sa'dia
2021-12-01The adoption level of electronic medical records in Hebron hospitals based on the electronic medical record adoption model (EMRAM)Amro, Belal; Najjar, Arwa; Macido, Mario
2020-01-01Adsorptive Removal of chromium Metal lons Using Pristine Graphene Oxide NanoparticlesAl-Khdour, Zhoor
2010-08The Age Factor in EFL Learning: Insights from the PalestinianDwaik, Raghad
2021The Alpha Particles Doses Received by Students and Staff in Twenty Schools in the North of Hebron Region - Palestinemashal, Lilia; Thabayneh, khalel
2021The Alpha particles doses received by students and staff in twenty schools in the north of Hebron region – PalestineThabayneh, K. M.; Mashal, L. A.; Abu-Samreh, M. M.
2023-01-01Analysis of Implicatures in Al-Tayeb Saleh’s Season of Migration to the North A Pragmatic StudyHoshia, Israa
2022-01-01Analysis of Speech Acts in Palestinian Wedding InvitationsAl Juneidi, Ola Ossman
2019-01-01Analysis of the Literary Content of the Palestinian 11th grade and the Bagrut Curriculum: A Comparative StudyFarrah, Alaa
2022-01-01Analysis of Women’s Language Traitsin Shakespeare'sKing LearHani, Bareeham
2022-01-01Analysis of Women’s Speech in a Disney Movie Raya and the Last DragonSalah, Diaa Basel
2009-11-10Analyzing crop yields of corn in Dedlow - GermanyAburajab Tamimi, Talat; Von Oppen, M; Gernot, V.
2017-01-01Analyzing Iago's Speech in Shakespeare's OthelloSalahat, Rami Ali
2017-01-01Analyzing the Emotional Expressions in Charlotte Bronte’s Jane EyreAl-Ju'beh, Eman Nizam