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Title: The adoption level of electronic medical records in Hebron hospitals based on the electronic medical record adoption model (EMRAM)
Authors: Amro, Belal
Najjar, Arwa
Macido, Mario
Keywords: Palestine
Electronic health record (EHR)
Electronic medical record (EMR)
Electronic medical record adoption model (EMRAM)
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2021
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Najjar, A., Amro, B., & Macedo, M. (2021). The adoption level of electronic medical records in hebron hospitals based on the electronic medical record adoption model (EMRAM). Health Policy and Technology, 10(4), 100578.
Abstract: Background Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) have become a priority for hospitals, and assessing the level of deployment of EMRs nationwide is essential to better utilization. The Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model (EMRAM) is one of the widely used EMR assessment systems worldwide. Objectives Study aims at assessing the adoption level of EMRs in Palestine using the EMRAM model, specifically Hebron city hospitals, as a case study. Methods Using a semi-structured interview as a research instrument, a total of 5 interviews were conducted with IT directors responsible for EMR systems used by all of the 5 hospitals in Hebron. Results Our study showed that EMRs in Hebron have a low level of EMR capabilities. Besides, we found Hebron public hospital is better than the private ones in adopting EMRs. Recommendations Palestinian hospitals are advised to invest more in their EMR systems to gain more capabilities. Besides, the Palestinian Ministry of Health and the Palestinian government should encourage hospitals to proceed
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