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dc.contributor.authorMaraqah, Hatem-
dc.description.abstractrates of decomposition of β-diketones and their uranyl and thorium complexes with halates by following the change of their concentration with time spectrophotometrically. The rate constants were determined after establishing the order of each reaction with respect to each reactant. The reaction rates increase linearly with ligand or complex and with halate concentration for each of the ligands (Acetylacetone, Benzoylacetone, Dibenzoylmethane and Thenoyltriflouroacetone), their Uranyl and Thorium complexes, and Halates (iodate, chlorate and bromate).en_US
dc.publisherJordan Uniiversityen_US
dc.subjectB-Diketones, Halates, Decompositionen_US
dc.titleKinetics of Decomposition of Some B-Diketones and their Actinide complexes with Halatesen_US
dc.title.alternativeMaster Thesisen_US
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