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Title: Excitability in optical systems close to Z2-symmetry
Authors: Beri, S.
mashal, L.
Gelens, L.
Van der Sande, G.
Verschaffelt, G.
Danckaert, J.
Keywords: semiconductor ring lasers, optical feedback, excitability
Issue Date: 18-Jan-2010
Publisher: North-Holland
Citation: 47
Series/Report no.: 374;
Abstract: We report theoretically and experimentally on excitability in semiconductor ring lasers in order to reveal a mechanism of excitability, general for systems close to Z 2-symmetry. The global shapes of the invariant manifolds of a saddle in the vicinity of a homoclinic loop determine the origin of excitability and the features of the excitable pulses. We show how to experimentally make a semiconductor ring laser excitable by breaking the Z 2-symmetry in a controlled way. The experiments confirm the theoretical predictions.
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