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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-01-01The Use of English Conditional Sentences in Major Barbara, The Death of a Salesman and The Glass MenagerieAl-Sharif, Safa'
2016-04Using Blended Learning to Enhance Student Learning in American Literature CoursesDwaik, Raghad
2015-07-15Using Cartoon in Language Classroom from A Constructivist Point of ViewAbuzahra, Nimer; Farrah, Mohammed; Zalloum, Sarah
2020-01-01Using English in Shop Signs in Palestine A Sociolinguistic StudyBadran, Huda Mahmoud
2018-01-01Using Films in TEFL Classes at the Palestinian UniversitiesTahboub, Doa'a
2008-07-15Using Microformats to Personalize Web ExperienceMrissa, Michael; Al-Jabari, Mohanad; Thiran, Philippe
2018-05-20Using Mobile Phone Applications in Teaching and Learning ProcessFarrah, Mohammed; Abu-Dawood, Ala'
2014Using Molecular and Biological Tools for Assessment of TYLCV Resistant Tomato Cultivars Commercially Grown in Southern PalestineAmro, Sahar; Alkowni, Raed; Hamdan, Abdul-Jalil
2018-11-30Using Novels in the Language Classroom at Hebron UniversitySiaj, Rasha; Farrah, Mohammed
2015-06-30Using short stories in the EFL classroomAbuzahra, Nimer; Farrah, Mohammed
2015-01-01Using Technology in Teaching Literary Courses: Using Blended Learning to Teach American Literature CourseJwailes, Abdulmu'ty Abdulwaheed
2016-01-01Vocabulary Building through Reading Short StoriesAl-Khateeb, Ghosoon Suliaman
2012What Palestine Ought to do after becoming a state on 29 November 2012?Qafisheh, Mutaz
2017Who Has the Right to Become a Palestinian Citizen?: An International Law AnalysisQafisheh, Mutaz
2018Without Reservation: Reforming Palestinian Family Laws in Light of CEDAWQafisheh, Mutaz
2010-09-26Yield quantitative trait loci from wild tomato are predominately expressed by the shootAyed Mohammad
2019-01-01اتجاهات الزبائن نحو خدمات شركة اوريدو في فلسطيننتشة, سامح ناصر
2016-07-01اتجاهات الشباب الجامعي نحو مكانة المرأة في المجتمع الفلسطينيالسويطي, عبدالناصر
2016اتجاهات وآ ا رء المدرسين والإداريين في التعليم العام نحو إدماج الأطفال غير العاديين في المدارس الإبتدائية العادية في منطقة الخليلسويطي, عبدالناصر
2012اجتهاد الصحابةترتوري, حسين