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Title: Using Blended Learning to Enhance Student Learning in American Literature Courses
Authors: Dwaik, Raghad
Keywords: literature, blended, learning, College
Issue Date: Apr-2016
Publisher: TOJET online Turkish Journal
Abstract: ABSTRACT This study taps the English learners' interest in and attitudes toward the use of technology in English literature classes. It also investigates the influence of integrating the blended learning approach on the English literature students' learning and on the changes in their attitudes and behavior toward computer technology usage. Questionnaires as well as the recordings on the platform dedicated to the course were employed to gather the required data. The Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment (MOODLE) platform had been used as a tool for applying the experiment. In addition, the online program; the Text Content Analyzer had been used to analyze the learners' participations on the forum. The results showed the learners' positive attitudes toward using CT in learning English literature courses. They also highlighted the main obstacles impeding application, and the proper strategies that could be taken into consideration for efficient integration of CT components in the learning process. The results also showed the effectiveness of using the BL in the American Literature Course for developing and improving the learners' performance in quantity and quality; and its effect on the students' learning and behavior toward using CT. The early interest in integrating computer technology (CT) into the educational process approximately started in the 1950s. Yet, from the 1980s forward, the idea started to occupy a noticeable position in research and application. This in turn has led to significant developments in the educational system as a whole in terms of the teaching approaches, methodologies, and learning strategies. It has also stimulated more research and exploration of the potentials of utilizing CT within the teaching-learning process in general, and teaching languages in particular.
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