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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Obstacles to the creative performance of the teachers of mathematics in the elementary primary schools in Hebron, from their point of viewmanasrah, Yousef; Nawajah, Inad
2015An Ongoing Anomaly: Pre- and Post World War II Palestinian Refugees’, International Journal of Refugee LawQafisheh, Mutaz
2015-11-15Online collaborative Activities Students' PerceptionsFarrah, Mohammed
2009Operational Efficiency of the Palestinian Agricultural Markets for the Period 2001- 2005Talat, Aburajab - Tamimi
2009Operational Efficiency of the Palestinian Agricultural Markets for the Period 2001- 2005Aburajab Tamimi, Talat
2010-11P2-CTM: privacy preserving collaborative traffic monitoringAmro, Belal; Saygin, Yucel; Levi, Albert
2011-11PA-CTM: privacy aware collaborative traffic monitoring system using autonomous location update mechanismAmro, Belal; Saygin, Yucel; Levi, Albert
2013Palestine Membership in the United Nations: Legal and Practical ImplicationsQafisheh, Mutaz
2020-02-19Palestine: Lawyering between Colonisation and the Struggle for Professional IndependenceQafisheh, Mutaz
2017‘Palestine’, in Scott Decker & Nerea Marteache (Arizona State University), eds., International Handbook of Juvenile JusticeQafisheh, Mutaz
2019Palestine’s Accession to CEDAW: One Step of the Thousand-mile JourneyQafisheh, Mutaz
2013Palestine’s Obligations under the Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural RightsQafisheh, Mutaz
2013Palestinian Legislation and the Freedom of Movement: An Appraisal in Light of International LawQafisheh, Mutaz
2000Palestinian Nationality: Present Situation, Legal Status, and Human Rights StandardsQafisheh, Mutaz
2016Palestinian Prisoners in Israel versus Namibian Prisoners under the Apartheid: A Potential Role for the International Criminal CourtQafisheh, Mutaz
2019-01-01PAPG- Personalized Anti Phishing GuardAmro, Belal; Abu sabha, Ahmed; Qunaibi, Ammar; Najjar, Inrahim
2014-02Patterns of NSAIDs use in Palestinian mid-territories: a prospective study of ambulatory patients in outpatient pharmacies.Dweib, Mohammad; Khdour, Maher
2017Performance Obstacles for English Language Teachers- Yatta DirectorateAbu Minshar, Manal ,kamalMakhmrah; Abu Minshar, Manal , kamalMakhamrah
2018-01Personal Mobile Malware Guard PMMG: a mobile malware detection technique based on user’s preferencesAmro, Belal
2016-01-01The Perspective of Eighth Grade English Teachers on the Textbook Reading Comprehension Questions at Hebron DistrictAqeel, Maram Yousef