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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Obstacles to the creative performance of the teachers of mathematics in the elementary primary schools in Hebron, from their point of viewmanasrah, Yousef; Nawajah, Inad
2021-01-01On Determinant of Non-Square MatricesAl-Dweak, Shireen Azmi
2022On I-finite left quasi-duo ringsHoroub, Ayman M. A.; Nicholson, W. K.
2021-01-01On the Analytical Solution of Conformance Fractional Problems and Some ApplicationsSayarah, Aseel
2019-01-01On the Automorphism Groups of Some Linear CodesNashash, Nisreen Mohammad
2015An Ongoing Anomaly: Pre- and Post World War II Palestinian Refugees’, International Journal of Refugee LawQafisheh, Mutaz
2023-03-01Online Collaborative Activities during Covid-19: Students’ PerceptionFarrah, Mohammed; Itkaidek, Manar; Dandis, Ameera
2015-11-15Online collaborative Activities Students' PerceptionsFarrah, Mohammed
2020-10-01Online learning for EFL students in Palestinian universities during corona pandemic: advantages, challenges and solutions.Farrah, Mohammed; Al-Bakri, Ghaidaa
2009Operational Efficiency of the Palestinian Agricultural Markets for the Period 2001- 2005Talat, Aburajab - Tamimi
2009Operational Efficiency of the Palestinian Agricultural Markets for the Period 2001- 2005Aburajab Tamimi, Talat
2010-11P2-CTM: privacy preserving collaborative traffic monitoringAmro, Belal; Saygin, Yucel; Levi, Albert
2011-11PA-CTM: privacy aware collaborative traffic monitoring system using autonomous location update mechanismAmro, Belal; Saygin, Yucel; Levi, Albert
2021PalestineAwawda, Osayd
2013Palestine Membership in the United Nations: Legal and Practical ImplicationsQafisheh, Mutaz
2021-12-23Palestine's Accession to Geneva Convention III: Typology of Captives Incarcerated by IsraelQafisheh, Mutaz M.; Madbouh, Ihssan Adel
2021-04-21Palestine's elections: Why they matter?Awawda, Osayd
2020-02-19Palestine: Lawyering between Colonisation and the Struggle for Professional IndependenceQafisheh, Mutaz
2017‘Palestine’, in Scott Decker & Nerea Marteache (Arizona State University), eds., International Handbook of Juvenile JusticeQafisheh, Mutaz
2019Palestine’s Accession to CEDAW: One Step of the Thousand-mile JourneyQafisheh, Mutaz