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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-01-01Ideals In Near RingsSuliman, Hadeel Mohammad
2013-03-01Identification and analysis of an outer-seed-coat-specific promoter from Arabidopsis thalianaAbdeen, Ashraf
2015-01-01The Impact of Bank Lending on Economic Growth: Empirical Analysis from PalestineAl Karaki, Mohammed Saleh
2016-01-01The Impact of Corporate Governanceon the Financial Performance of Banks Listed on Palestine Exchangeدوفش, سامر يحيى
2020-01-01The Impact of Family Power on the Family Business Performance in Southern of the West BankAl-Sharabati, Anwar Bassam
2008The impact of land reclamation on natural vegetationAyed Mohammad
2018-01-01The Impact of Political Events on Palestine Securities Exchange Returns :An Empirical Study Between (1997-2016)Abu Omar, Subhi Maher
2014-05-15The Impact of Three Types of Written Feedback on the Motivation and Writing Skill of English Major Students at Hebron UniversityZahida, Riyad; Farrah, Mohammed; Zaru, Naji
2017The Impact of Using Asking for Clarification and Circumlocution Speaking Strategies on Enhancing the Speaking Skill of EFL StudentsBaradeyah, Niveen; Farrah, Mohammed
2015-01-01The Impact of Using Asking for Clarification and Circumlocution Speaking Strategies on Enhancing the Speaking Skill of EFL Tenth Graders in HebronBaradeyah, Niveen Mohammad
2018-01-01The Impact of Using Children English Songs on Improving the Pronunciation and Vocabulary of the Third and Fourth Graders at Al-Nasser Primary School in Hebron.Ghaith, Zaynab Fathe
2018-01-01The Impact of Using Inquiry-Based Learning on Developing Ninth Grade Students’ Pragmatic Awareness (A Case Study)Zalloum, Sarah Nabeel
2021-01-01The Impact of Using L1 and L2 in the Prewriting Discussion Stage on Students’ Writing Performance and AttitudesMaraqa, Maram Hazim
2016-01-01The Impact of Using Short Stories on Eighth Graders’ Awareness of the Semantic Variations in the Aspectual Side of English VerbsBader, Bayan Hisham
2019-01-01The Impact of UsingGames on Vocabulary Acquisition among BasicStage School Students in HebronAbu Rmeileh, Ayat Alaa Al-Dein
2019-01-01The Impact of Utilizing Automated Essay Scoring Software on Developing Palestinian Undergraduate Students’ Writing CompetenciesKhalil, Zeiadee Marie
2010-01-26The impact of vegetative cover type on runoff and soil erosion under different land usesAyed Mohammad
2019-12Impacts of different water harvesting techniques on barley productivity under semi-arid conditions in PalestineAyed Mohammad; Safi, Ahmad
2020-12-03Implementation of Human Rights Conventions at the National Level: The Case of PalestineQafisheh, Mutaz; Osayd Awawda
2014-01-01Implications of Organizational Variables on Waste Management of the Stone and Marble Sector in the City of HebronSultan, Suhail Sami