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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014The Coexistence of Diverse Legal Traditions in a Single Territory: The Case of the Freedom of Expression in PalestineQafisheh, Mutaz
2018Comparative Analysis of a Floating Mooring Line-Driven Platform (FMDP) Having Different Mooring Lines PatternsHoroub, Ayman M.; Horoub, Mamon M.; Khan, Sikandar; Ali, Sajid
2017-01-01A Comparative Pragmatic Study of “Offers” by Palestinian EFL Learners and American Native Speakers of EnglishAbu Al-Failat, Kholoud "Mohammad Fakhri"
2017-01-01A Comparative Study of English and Palestinian Word Associations and their Implications for the Teaching of English to Palestinian LearnersAbu Zeinah, Wafaa Taha
2021-12-26a COMPARATIVE STUDY OF LONG ACTING ANTIPSYCHOTICS AND COINVENTIONAL....MMA Shaheen, S Al Saghair, H Obeido, B Al Kurd, I Al Zaro, M Al Junaidi
1995Comparison of fecal analysis and rumen evacuation techniques for sampling diet botanical composition of grazing cattleAyed Mohammad
2020-09-24Compressed TH M-Ary PPM Technique for Improved Performance of UWB RadioArar, Adnan; Masri, Ahmed; Dama, Yousef
2017-01-01Cone Metric Spaces and Fixed Point TheoremsQabaja, Hiba Abdel Monem
2004-07-01Conserved MYC transcription factors play a key role in jasmonate signaling both in tomato and ArabidopsisAbdeen, Ashraf; Abdeen, Ashraf
2014The Consistency of the Applicable Legislation in Palestine with International Law: The Two Human Rights CovenantsQafisheh, Mutaz
2010-07-05Context-aware interaction approach to handle users local contexts in web 2.0Al-Jabari, Mohanad; Mrissa, Michael; Thiran, Philippe
2021Continuing Pharmaceutical Education: The Extent of the Conviction and Applicability in the Palestinian Pharmaceutical CommunityHejaz, Hatem
2010-11-01Control of somatic embryogenesis and embryo development by AP2 transcription factorsAbdeen, Ashraf
2011-10CoRPPS: collusion resistant pseudonym providing systemAmro, Belal; Levi, Albert; Saygin, Yucel
2011CoRPPS: collusion resistant pseudonym providing system-
2017-07-01Corrigendum to “Stabilized finite element method for the radial Dirac equationAlmanasreh, Hasan
2011-10-27Corynebacterium glutanicum survives arsenic stress with arsenate reductase coupled to two distinct redox mechanismsNur, Haneen
2015Criteria of personal quality and ways of enhancing it among persons in charge in Bethlehem Directorate of Education.makhamra, Kamal
2015-01-01Critical Discourse Analysis of Shylock’s Speech in Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice in Contexts of Power, Ideology and IdentityDawood, Hamada Shehdeh