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Title: Comparative Analysis of a Floating Mooring Line-Driven Platform (FMDP) Having Different Mooring Lines Patterns
Authors: Horoub, Ayman M.
Horoub, Mamon M.
Khan, Sikandar
Ali, Sajid
Keywords: Dynamic analysis
Effective area
Floating mooring line-driven platform
Sea waves
Stewart-Gough manipulator
6-6 and 6-3-3 FMDP
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: IEEE
Abstract: In this study, dynamic analysis is conducted on a Floating Mooring Line-Driven Platform (FMDP) subjected to sea wave forces. The effect of changing mooring lines pattern is investigated to enhance the dynamic behavior of the FMDP. The analysis is demonstrated with six mooring lines FMDP. A new mooring lines pattern (6-3-3) is studied and compared with the (6-6) Stewart-Gough manipulator pattern. The dynamic behavior, cables tension, and platform stiffness are determined across FMDP effective area. The dynamic analysis of FMDP is improved using the new mooring lines pattern (6-3-3).
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