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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-02-27Multimedia Software Engineering Methodology A Systematic Discipline for Developing Integrated Multimedia and Software ProductsAl-Jabari, Mohanad; Tamimi, Tariq; Ramadan, Abdul-Aziz
2005-05-01Multiple insect resistance in transgenic tomato plants over-expressing two families of plant proteinase inhibitorsAbdeen, Ashraf
2000Nationality and Domicile in PalestineQafisheh, Mutaz
2016Nationalizing International Criminal Law in Palestine: The Challenge of ComplementarityQafisheh, Mutaz
2008Natural Radioactivity in Different Commercial Ceramic Samples Used in Palestinian Buildings as Construction MaterialsDabayneh, Khalil
2012Natural Radioactivity Levels and Estimation of Radiation Exposure in Environmental Soil Samples from Tulkarem Province – PalestineThabayneh, Khalil
2022-07-15Nature of Feedback and Interaction in Online Courses during COVID-19Farrah, Mohammed; Abdalnabi, Riham; Sider, Amal
2002New sufficient conditions for the denseness of norm attaining multilinear formsPaya, Rafeal; Saleh, Yousef
2017-01-01Nilpotent Rings and Nilpotent PolynomialsAl-Ja'bari, Majd
2011NKT cells in Multiple Myeloma: a useful therapeutic tool?Menu, Eline; Nur, Haneen
2000norm attaining bilinear formsSaleh, Yousef
2008Norm Attaining Multilinear Forms on L1 μSaleh, Yousef
2002Norm attaining operators from L1 m into L1 nSaleh, Yousef; Paya, Rafael
2022Novel Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19): Guidelines and Protocols of the PandemicHejaz, Hatem
2018-01-01Numerical Solution of the Dirac Equation Using the Petrov-Galerkin Finite Element MethodAbu rayyan, Lana Ghandy
2021-01-01Numerical Solution of the Heat Equation Using Finite Element MethodMurrar, Rifqa
2019Obstacles to the creative performance of the teachers of mathematics in the elementary primary schools in Hebron, from their point of viewmanasrah, Yousef; Nawajah, Inad
2021-01-01On Determinant of Non-Square MatricesAl-Dweak, Shireen Azmi
2022On I-finite left quasi-duo ringsHoroub, Ayman M. A.; Nicholson, W. K.
2021-01-01On the Analytical Solution of Conformance Fractional Problems and Some ApplicationsSayarah, Aseel