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Title: Monitoring and Evaluation Water Quality of Cisterns in the Southern Area of Hebron District
Authors: Ayyad, Hisham Issa
Keywords: Agriculture
Natural Resources
Water Quality
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2016
Publisher: Hebron University
Abstract: Abstract Two localities namely Masafer Yatta and Road 317 (29 communities: 10 in Masafer Yatta, 19 in Road 317 with a total area of 37500 dunoms) were targeted from Southern part of Hebron district to study the rainwater quality in cisterns. In this study, water quality of 73 cisterns was analyzed in Southern area of Hebron District. Water samples were directly collected from cisterns in sterile glass bottles and tested for different parameters including: physical (total dissolved solids, pH, and turbidity); chemical (nitrate); and microbiological parameters ((Total Coliform (TC) and Faecal Coliform (FC)). In addition to that, pollution sources were studied via distributing, collecting, and analyzing special questionnaires for that purposes. The results showed high level of contamination in tested samples with Total Coliform percentage of 92.2% and Faecal Coliform percentage 97.4%. Sources of contamination varied but animal and bird feces were the main source. The solution to this problem is by properly cleaning the catchment area and using chlorination method when storing water.  
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