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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-01-18Excitability in optical systems close to Z2-symmetryBeri, S.; mashal, L.; Gelens, L.; Van der Sande, G.; Verschaffelt, G.; Danckaert, J.
2010Excitability in semiconductor microring lasers: Experimental and theoretical pulse characterizationGelensl, L.; mashal, L.
2012-05-15Experimental and numerical study of square wave oscillations due to asymmetric optical feedback in semiconductor ring lasersMashal, L.
2016Experimental Legal Education in a Globalized World: The Middle East & BeyondQafisheh, Mutaz; Rosenbaum, Stephan
2019-01-01Exports, imports and economic growth Evidence from PalestineFannoun, Zahra Mohammad Imad
2022-01-01Factors affecting Customer Satisfaction: An Empirical Study on Banking Services in HebronYousef, Merna
2014-01-01Factors affecting epidemiology and conidial germination of Fusarium mangiferae, the causal agent of mango malformationAbu Sharar, Fida Ahmad
2021factors associated with prognosis of NAFLD....Muamar MA Shaheen, Mohanad Saleh, Deema Sider, Reem Al Natsheh, Raghad Dweik
2021-01-01Factors influencing "Information Communication Technology (ICT)" Adoption in the Palestinian Blood BanksShawe, Enas Hamed
2017-01-01Factors Influencing Employees' Performance at Charitable Organizations in PalestineAbu Omar, Ayman
2022Fertility Medication Uses and their Effect on Mothers and ChildrenHejaz, Hatem; Hejaz, Hatem
2022-01-01ffects of Temperature and Addition of Sodium Chloride and Calcium Chloride on the Surface Tension ofBenzyl-dimethyl-hexadecyl-ammonium Chloride and its Mixture with Sodium Dodecyl Benzene SulfonateAl-Bakri, Naima
2022-01-01Filters and Various Types of ConvergenceHalman, Abdelqader Eid
2020-01-01Finite Element Method for Convection-Dominated ProblemsManasra, Shoroq
2021-01-01Finite Element Method for Elliptic Differential EquationsTaniniah, Alaa
2019-01-01Finite element method for solving the Dirac eigenvalue problem with linear basis functionsAlmanasreh, Hasan
2016-10Flexible Fair and Collusion Resistant Pseudonym Providing SystemAmro, Belal; Levi, Albert; Saygin, Yucel
2016Flight Activity and Population Dynamics of the Olive Psylla, Eupyllura olivina Costa [Homoptera: Psyllaae] Infesting Ten Olive Cultivars in the Southern Highlands of West-Bank, PalestineHamdan, Abdul-Jalil; Alkam, Asmaa
2017-01-01French-English-Arabic Code-Mixing among French Minors at Hebron UniversityAbu Zeinah, Dua'a Abdel Ra'ouf
2021-10-28fROM ace-2 TO bRAIN: PATTERNS CORRELATIUNS AND SEVERITY OF covid-19...M Shaheen, M Al Junaidi