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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-10-152 Online Communication and Enhancing Language Skills, motivation and cultural understandingFarrah, Mohammed
2012-01-154 The impact of peer feedback on improving the writing skills among hebron university studentsFarrah, Mohammed
2011-12-15Attitudes Towards Collaborative Writing Among English Majors in Hebron UniversityFarrah, Mohammed
2018Blended Learning in the Literary Criticism CourseFarrah, Mohammed; Abuzahra, Nimer
2018Discourse in a Confrontational Situation: The Palestinian-Israeli ConflictFarrah, Mohammed
2019-04-01THE EFFECT OF GAMES ON VOCABULARY RETENTIONShabaneh, Yasmin; Farrah, Mohammed
2014-07-15The Effectiveness of CALL in the Palestinian SchoolsFarrah, Mohammed; AlAyyouby, Ayyoub
2016-11-30The Effectiveness of Using Children's Songs in Developing Elementary Graders' English Vocabulary and Pronunciation in Jerusalem, PalestineShehadeh, Iman; Farrah, Mohammed
2019-11-01The Effects of Using Interactive Task-based Activities in Online English Writing ClassesMasalmh, S; Farrah, Mohammed
2021-01-20EFL Instructors and Learners' Perceptions towards Utilization of Online Applications at Palestine Ahliya University and Hebron UniversityItmeizeh, Mahmoud; Farrah, Mohammed
2019-07-10Eighth Grade Textbook Reading Comprehension Questions and Barrett's Taxonomy: Teachers' Perspectives at Hebron District, PalestineAqeel, Maram; Farrah, Mohammed
2018-08-09English Student's Attitudes Towards Using Flipped Classrooms in Language Learning at Hebron UniversityFarrah, Mohammed; Qawasmeh, Ahlam
2010-12-15Enhancing the English Reading and Writing Skills of Palestinian English Majors by Using CALLFarrah, Mohammed; Tushyeh, H
2012-07-15Examining the Use of Arabic in English Classes at the Primary Stage in Hebron Government Schools, Palestine: Teachers’ PerspectiveFarrah, Mohammed; Salah, Nidaa
2019-07-05Graduate Students' Reflections on Technology in Language Learning and Teaching: A Qualitative StudyFarrah, Mohammed
2014-05-15The Impact of Three Types of Written Feedback on the Motivation and Writing Skill of English Major Students at Hebron UniversityZahida, Riyad; Farrah, Mohammed; Zaru, Naji
2014The impact of three types of written feedback on the motivation and writing skill of English major students at Hebron UniversityZahida, Riyad; Farrah, Mohammed; Zaru, Naji
2017The Impact of Using Asking for Clarification and Circumlocution Speaking Strategies on Enhancing the Speaking Skill of EFL StudentsBaradeyah, Niveen; Farrah, Mohammed
2020-12-20Interaction in Online Learning Environment during Covid -19: Factors behind Lack of Interaction and Ideas for promoting it.Farrah, Mohammed; Jabari, Shatha