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Title: Bilingual Palestinians' Attitudes towards Code-Switching
Authors: Abu-Aisheh, Rahaf
Melhem, Nada
Farrah, Mohammed
Keywords: Attitude
Hebron University
Issue Date: 5-Jan-2023
Publisher: Indian Journal of LANGUAGE AND LINGUISTICS
Citation: 1. Abu-Aisheh, Rahaf, Melhem, Nada & Farrah, Mohammed (2023). Bilingual Palestinians' Attitudes towards Code-Switching. Indian Journal of Language and Linguistics, 4(1), 1-8.
Abstract: Prestige is a matter that concerns everyone as an attempt to follow the high class. The way people speak is one of the most noticeable factors that are used to determine if they are prestigious or not. Code-switching helps to create a new level of prestigious speech which is what we are trying to test in this study in the community of Hebron-Palestine. The purpose of this study is to investigate participants’ attitudes towards Code-switching (whether it is prestigious or not) and what reasons led to these attitudes. Data were collected from 80 members of the society from different educational levels and different age categories using a questionnaire that was sent to participants online. The study revealed that that code-switching is considered prestigious and it reflects the level of education of people in the society. Society turns out to believe that code-switching is a sign of prestige after the dramatic growth of the use of social networking. The data was analyzed using SPSS version 24. Theoretical and practical implications were discussed. Researchers hope that this study will help other linguists who are trying to search in this field.
ISSN: E ISSN 2582-9726
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