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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Effect of Grazing on Soil Properties at Southern Part of West Bank RangelandAyed Mohammad
2013-07-18The effect of Sarcopoterium spinosum on soil and vegetation characteristicsAyed Mohammad
2008-11-20The Effect of Slope Aspect on Soil and Vegetation Characteristics in Southern West BankAyed Mohammad
2022-11The effect of soil moisture conservation techniques on almond seedling growth and survival rateAyed Mohammad
2009-05-21The Effect of Water Harvesting Techniques on Runoff, Sedimentation, and Soil PropertiesAyed Mohammad
2011Effects of different dietary crude protein contents on growth performance and visceral organ mass in fattened Awassi lambsAyed Mohammad
2012-11-01Effects of different forms of olive cake on the performance and carcass quality of Awassi lambsAyed Mohammad
2011-11-01Effects of different forms of olive cake on the performance and carcass quality of Awassi lambsAyed Mohammad
2008-06-24Evaluation of Two Hydrological Processes and Soil Characteristics under Different Climatic Conditions at West Bank, PalestineAyed Mohammad
2008Growth and Development of Range Plants in Southern West BankAyed Mohammad
2008The impact of land reclamation on natural vegetationAyed Mohammad
2010-01-26The impact of vegetative cover type on runoff and soil erosion under different land usesAyed Mohammad
2019-12Impacts of different water harvesting techniques on barley productivity under semi-arid conditions in PalestineAyed Mohammad; Safi, Ahmad
2008-02-28Influence of Excluding Grazing on Vegetation Attributes at the Eastern Slopes of West BankAyed Mohammad
2021-11-14Influence of Using Water Harvesting Techniques on Snake Melon (Cucumis melo L. var. flexuosus) Yield under Semiarid ConditionsAyed Mohammad
2012-07-16Molecular polymorphisms in Palestinian Figs (Ficus carica L.) as revealed by Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA (RAPD)Ayed Mohammad
2005Rangeland Condition at Southern West BankAyed Mohammad
2013Resolution by recombination: breaking up Solanum pennellii introgressionsAyed Mohammad
1995-05-25Season and sex influences on botanical composition of cattle diets in southern New MexicoAyed Mohammad
1991Silver thiosulphate effects on yield and growth of plastic house tomato in root-knot nematodeinfested soiAyed Mohammad