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  • Farrah, Mohammed; Abuzahra, Nimer (An - Najah Univ. J. Res. (Humanities), 2018)
    This study investigated the performance and attitudes of students in the literary criticism course towards online learning engagement. The participants of the study included sixty English major students. There were two ...
  • Dawood, Hamada; Abuzahra, Nimer; Farrah, Mohammed (IJRELT, 2014-12-28)
    This paper aims to examine, reveal and analyse Shylock's speech in Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice, by connecting his words to the power, identity, and ideology in the play. The purposes of this study are to examine ...
  • Abuzahra, Nimer; Farrah, Mohammed; Zalloum, Sarah (Arab World English Journal (AWEJ), 2015-07-15)
    This paper aims to explore how animated cartoon as a pedagogical material can be employed in language classroom from a constructivist point of view. Through examination of existing literature, this study outlines the ...
  • Abuzahra, Nimer; Farrah, Mohammed (IUG Journal of Humanities Research, 2015-06-30)
    This quantitative paper investigative paper investigated the use of short stories in EFL classroom. It examined students’ general attitudes towards using short stories in the EFL classroom. Moreover, it evaluated if .....

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