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  • Maraqah, Hatem (Hebron University Press, 2014-01)
    Experiments deals with identification of chemical compounds (solids, liquids and solutions) using physical and chemical properties; Preparation and Characterization of Organic Componds.
  • Maraqah, Hatem (American Chemical Society, 1991)
    H-vermiculite was synthesized and characterized using physical and chemical methods
  • Maraqah, Hatem (Hebron University Press, 2019)
    Experiments in inorganic chemistry including preparation and characterization
  • Maraqah, Hatem (Cambridge University Press, 1990)
    We have made an investigation of the ion transport properties of single crystals of the naturally occuring clay vermiculite in order to elucidate the mechanism of conductivity including the predominant charge carrier. ...
  • Maraqah, Hatem (The Electrochemical Society, 1991-11-01)
    Single crystals of hydrogen vermiculite have been synthesized at room temperature by ion exchange from Na-vermiculite using 1 M acetic acid for one week. The ionic conductivity was measured and shown to be much lower than ...
  • Maraqah, Hatem (State University of New York, PhD Thesis, 1993)
    Novel guesftif d -host compounds based on single crystals of vermiculite were symthesized usive techniques through a new hydrogen vermiculite .Single crystals were chosen because of the ease of characterization.
  • Maraqah, Hatem (Jordan Uniiversity, 1986-03-18)
    rates of decomposition of β-diketones and their uranyl and thorium complexes with halates by following the change of their concentration with time spectrophotometrically. The rate constants were determined after establishing ...
  • Maraqah, Hatem (Elsevier, 1992-04-01)
    Single crystals of hydrogen vermiculite were synthesized at room temperature by ion exchange from Na-vermiculite using 1 molar acetic acid for one week.The protonic transference number has been determined as unity in ...