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dc.contributor.authorQafisheh, Mutaz-
dc.identifier.citationMutaz Qafisheh, ‘Borders of the State of Palestine Under International Law for the Purpose of ICC Territorial Jurisdiction’, International Criminal Court (ICC-01/18-72), The Hague, 2020 (30 pages).en_US
dc.descriptionThis publication, titled "BORDERS OF THE STATE OF PALESTINE UNDER INTERNATIONAL LAW FOR THE PURPOSE OF ICC TERRITORIAL JURISDICTION", took the form of "Amicus Curiae" observations submitted to the International Criminal Court (ICC) at The Hague regarding Situation in the State of Palestine on 15 March 2020. The author submitted these observations on behalf of the Palestinian Bar Association (PBA) based on an official power of attorney assigned to me by the PBA President pursuant to ICC’s Pre-Trial Chamber I Decision No. ICC-01/18-63 of 20 February 2020 that granted the PBA, among others, leave to file observations pertaining to ICC Prosecutor’s Request No. ICC-01/18-12 of 22 January 2020 to open investigation in Palestine. Full text of this 30-page publication (No. ICC-01/18-72) is available at the ICC website, as one of the Court's registered official documents.en_US
dc.description.abstractSection I of this publication explores the borders of the State of Palestine with Jordan and Egypt as were drawn and legally recognized and settled before May 1948. Section II then demonstrates that the borders that have been demarked between Palestine and Israel after 1948 and the process by which such demarcation has acquired de jure status. Section III deals with the reaffirmation of the territorial scope of Palestine, as recently manifested by State practice reflecting customary international law, over which the ICC possesses the power to adjudicate. The conclusion introduces the findings and request to the Court.en_US
dc.description.sponsorshipPalestinian Bar Associationen_US
dc.publisherInternational Criminal Court (Publication No. ICC-01/18-72), The Hague, Netherlandsen_US
dc.subjectInternational Criminal Court, ICC, Situation in Palestine, War Crimes, Palestinian Bar Association, Criminal Investigations, International Criminal Law, Borders of Palestine, Law of State Succession, Armistice Agreements, ICC Rules of Procedure and Evidence, Amicus Curiaeen_US
dc.titleBorders of the State of Palestine Under International Law for the Purpose of ICC Territorial Jurisdictionen_US
dc.title.alternativeObservations pursuant to Rule 103 of the Rules of Procedure and Evidence (ICC-01/18-72), Dr. Mutaz M. Qafisheh on behalf Palestinian Bar Associationen_US
dc.typeTechnical Reporten_US
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