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dc.contributor.authorAmro, Belal-
dc.identifier.citationAmro, B. (2018) Phishing Techniques in Mobile Devices. Journal of Computer and Communications , 6, 27-35.
dc.description.abstractThe rapid evolution in mobile devices and communication technology has increased the number of mobile device users dramatically. The mobile device has replaced many other devices and is used to perform many tasks ranging from establishing a phone call to performing critical and sensitive tasks like money payments. Since the mobile device is accompanying a person most of his time, it is highly probably that it includes personal and sensitive data for that person. The increased use of mobile devices in daily life made mobile systems an excellent target for attacks. One of the most important attacks is phishing attack in which an attacker tries to get the credential of the victim and impersonate him. In this paper, analysis of different types of phishing attacks on mobile devices is provided. Mitigation techniques—anti-phishing techniques—are also analyzed. Assessment of each technique and a summary of its advantages and disadvantages is provided. At the end, important steps to guard against phishing attacks are provided. The aim of the work is to put phishing attacks on mobile systems in light, and to make people aware of these attacks and how to avoid them.en_US
dc.publisherScientific Research Publishingen_US
dc.subjectMobile Deviceen_US
dc.subjectMobile Applicationen_US
dc.titlePhishing Techniques in Mobile Devicesen_US
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