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Authors: Amro, Belal
Keywords: Malware
malware detection
mobile device
mobile application
Issue Date: Dec-2017
Publisher: International Journal of Mobile Network Communications & Telematics
Abstract: Mobile devices have become very popular nowadays, due to is portability and high performance, a mobile device became a must device for persons using information and communication technologies. In addition to hardware rapid evolution, mobile applications are also increasing in their complexity and performance to cover most the needs of their users. Both software and hardware design focused on increasing performance and the working hours of a mobile device. Different mobile operating systems are being used today with different platforms and different market shares. Like all information systems, mobile systems are prone to malware attacks. Due to the personality feature of mobile devices, malware detection is very important and is a must tool in each device to protect private data and mitigate attacks. In this paper, we will study and analyze different malware detection techniques used for mobile operating systems. We will focus on the to two competing mobile operating systems – Android and iOS. We will asset each technique summarizing its advantages and disadvantages. The aim of the work is to establish a basis for developing a mobile malware detection tool based on user profiling.
ISSN: 1839-5678
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