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Title: Radioactivity Measurement in Different Types of Fabricated Building Materials Used in Palestine
Authors: Dabayneh, Khalil
Keywords: natural radionuclide's, fabricated building materials,Palestine
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: Arab Journal of Nuclear Sciences and Applications
Citation: 9
Series/Report no.: 40;3
Abstract: The natural radionuclide's (238U, 232Th and 40K) and the manmade radiation levels were measured in samples of different types of fabricated building materials in Palestine. Concentration of radionuclide in samples were determined by γ-ray spectrometry using hyper-pure germanium (HPGe) detector in Bq/Kg dry weight. In this paper samples of commonly building materials (granite, clay brick (karmeed), lime stone, marble, cement, white cement, sea sand, gravel powder, gravel, glue ceramic, gypsum powder and hydrated lime) used in Palestinian buildings were collected. the concentration values of 238U, 232Th and 40K in these samples ranged between 13.9-97.3, 7.2-78.6 and 2.0-1139.0 Bq/Kg respectively. The 137Cs isotope was detected in some samples. Radium equivalent activity (Raeq), dose rate in air (Dr), external hazard index (Hex), radioactivity Level index (Iγ) and annual gonadal equivalent dose (D) in all samples were calculated. The activity concentration data were discussed are compared with other experimental values in some countries.
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