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Title: 222Rn Concentration Level measurements and Exhalation Rates in Different Types of Building Materials Used in Palestinian Buildings
Authors: Dabayneh, Khalil
Keywords: exhalation rates, building materials
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: ISOTOPE & RAD. RES.
Citation: 11
Series/Report no.: 40;2
Abstract: The values of concentration levels, surface and mass exhalation rates of radon for various types of building materials used in Palestinian buildings are measured by using the passive techniques. Twelve fabricated building materials samples have been selected randomly in this study each of which have different masses (25, 50, 75 and l00 gm) and prepared in plastic cups sealed to passive integrated dosimeters, containing CR-39 detectors. The average concentration levels of Rn 222 in these samples were found to range from 66 Bq/m 3 for limestone to 246 Bq/3 m for granite samples. The surface exhalation rates in the selected samples are found to vary from 37 to 146 mBq/2 m. hr; while the mass exhalation rate values vary from 1.8 to 7.2 mBq/Kg. hr, respectively. The radon exhalation rate from the building materials is found to be smaller than that of soil. These calculated exhalation rate were found to be consistent with measured data obtained for other countries.
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