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Title: Big picture: analysis of DDoS attacks map - systems and network, cloud computing, SCADA systems, and IoT
Authors: Salah, Saeed
Amro, Belal
Keywords: distributed denial-of-service; DDoS; internet of things; IoT; supervisory control and data acquisition; SCADA; systems; network; cloud computing.
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: Inderscience
Abstract: Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks are among the toughest security issues nowadays. These attacks are launched at any time and can impact any part of a network’s operations or IT resources. Because of the seriousness of these attacks, many countermeasures have been developed by both the private sector and the research community. Despite the availability of many research efforts that suggested DDoS attacks classifications, the multitude, diversity, and variety of both the attacks and their countermeasures have the consequence that no standard taxonomy exists. In this paper, we introduce an updated and structured taxonomy of both DDoS attacks and their countermeasures. The novelty of this work stems from the fact that it covers different dimensions of tackling DDoS attacks in the four main technology areas: systems and network, cloud computing, SCADA, and IoT, with the main aim of providing an all-in-one comprehensive reference for ongoing and future security research.
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