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dc.contributor.authorAmro, Belal-
dc.contributor.authorJabari, Mohanad-
dc.description.abstractThis research aims at investigating the effectiveness of technical and legal awareness in facing the cybercrimes and mitigation their effects among Hebron University (HU) students. The researchers depended on the quasi-experimental methodology (one group) using pre-test and post-test. The study sample included a stratified sample of 76 students from HU who enrolled in a technology applications course in the academic year 2018/2019. The study concluded that there are statistically significant differences in the mean of the pre-test and posttest related to the technical and legal awareness among HU students, in favor for the post-test experiment. This indicates that the awareness program applied in raising the level of technical and legal knowledge among HU students to reduce cybercrime was effective with an impact of 0.62 for the applied technical awareness and 0.14 for the applied legal awareness. The researchers recommend leveraging the level of legal and technical awareness in cybercrimes by launching training programs on the level of government and the local society. They also recommend to update the school curricula to include sufficient material about the topic, and hold workshops and training sessions in the field.en_US
dc.subjecttechnical awarnessen_US
dc.subjectlegal awarnessen_US
dc.titleفاعلية برامج التوعية التقنية والقانونية في مواجهة الجريمة الالكترونية من وجهة نظر طلبة جامعة الخليل – فلسطينen_US
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