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Title: Empirical Relations for Calculating Selected Physical Properties of Pure Liquid Metals and Binary Liquid Alloys
Authors: Takrori, F.
Ayyad, A
Aqra, F.
Keywords: Physical properties
Liquid metals
Binary liquid alloys
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Hebron University
Citation: 1
Abstract: In this paper, simple relations are reported for calculating viscosity (η), self-diffusion coefficient (D), friction coefficient (fc), surface tension (γ), isothermal compressibility (kTM) and thickness of liquid-vapor interface (L) of pure liquid metals at the melting point. The inter-relationships correlate these properties to each other and to density, atomic radius, atomic mass and temperature. The empirical relationships have been checked by compiling published data for liquid metals where better than 5% agreement was observed around the melting point. However, the formula relating viscosity to these properties has been applied for calculating the viscosity of binary liquid alloys (Ag-Cu) as a function of composition. It is found that the calculated viscosity of the alloy at 1373 K, as a specific temperature, decreases with increasing Ag concentration. This agrees well with the reported experimental data.
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