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Title: Конституционно-правовой статус Палестинской национальной автономии
Other Titles: Constitutional and Legal Status of the Palestinian National Authority
Authors: Bassam, Qwasmeh
Issue Date: Dec-2011
Abstract: The study is aimed to trace the formation and modern features of the constitutional-legal status of the Palestinian National Authority. The paper considers the set of basic constitutional and legal institutions, such as the institutions of the constitutional and legal system, the basis of the legal status of man and citizen, the electoral law, parliamentary institutions, referendums, citizenship, the President, the territorial unit, the Constitutional control, the local government, etc. It focuses on the legal status of the supreme bodies of state authority of the Palestinian National Authority. We identified the constitutional and legal status of the Palestinian National Authority, revealed the peculiarity of the state authorities system of Palestine, and examined its dynamics. The basic prerequisites, conditions, and stages of development of the statehood of Palestine, which is partially reflected in the emergence of the modern constitutional model of autonomy, are also presented in the work. After analyzing the existing legal sources, the author has prepared a new draft Constitution of the Arab Palestinian state.
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