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Title: The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine 1969-1974
Authors: Beshtawi, Imad
Keywords: PLO, Democratic Front, Palestine
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Anbar University
Citation: "The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine 1969-1974.” Anbar University, 2019.
Abstract: This study is concerned with the Democratic Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (the Democratic Front) 1969- 1974 in terms of its: establishment from The womb Of the popular front for the liberation of Palestine, The study also deals with the Front relationship with PLO through the sessions of the Palestine National Council (From The Sixth Session To The Twelfth One). The study Discussed It ideology, vision regarding the concept of resistance and positions on the peaceful compromise settlements of the Palestinian cause, especially the settlement of the democratic Palestinian state and the project of the transitional solution.
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