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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-12Self - Management and its Relationship with the Work Seriousness for Jerusalem Open University Faculty Members at Bethlehem Branchmakhamra, Kamal; makhamra, Kamal
2012Semiconductor ring lasers as optical neuronsMashal, L.
2009-05-15Seroprevalence and associated risk factors of Toxoplasmosis among pregnant women in Hebron district, Palestine-
2009Seroprevalence and associated risk factors of Toxoplasmosis among pregnant women in Hebron district, PalestineAl Amleh S; Nijem KI
2014-12-28Shylock’s Speech in The Merchant of Venice Critical Discourse AnalysisDawood, Hamada; Abuzahra, Nimer; Farrah, Mohammed
2017Significance of Microbiota in Obesity and Metabolic Diseases and the Modulatory Potential by Medicinal Plant and Food Ingredients.Qawasmeh
1991Silver thiosulphate effects on yield and growth of plastic house tomato in root-knot nematodeinfested soiAyed Mohammad
2017-12-01Smart Learning Framework for Higher Education : A case Study of Palestinian UniversitiesHasasneh, Nabil; Morreb, Mohammad
2019-01-01Social Media as a Tool of Persuasion in Political Marketing: Analyzing the discourse of Trump’s Tweets during his Presidential CampaignNatsheh, Bayan Robin
2022-12-01Social Media Usage among University Students in Palestine: Motivation, Prospects and ChallengesFarrah, Mohammed; Abuzahrah, Nimer; Badareen, Rana
2017-01-15The socio-psychological implications on the investigators of police directorate in Hebron districtمصري, إبراهيم; وريدات, باسم
2021-01-01A Sociolinguistic Analysis of Terms Husbands Useto Address their Wives in Rural and Urban Areas in PalestineE'mar, Heba Rajeh
2023-01-01A Sociolinguistic Study of Gender Language Traits in Dickens’ Hard TimesMisk, Omar
2001-07-01Solvent exposures at shoe factories and workshops in Hebron City, West BankTakrori, F.; Nijem, K; Kristensen, P; Thorud, S; Al-Khatib, A; Bjertness, E
2013Some applications using simple low cost infrared light sourcesAbu-Taha, Mohammad; Buss, Fida; Musameh, Sharif
2020-01-01Speech Act Analysis of the Narrator and Tyler Durden in the Film Fight ClubAbu Snaineh, Abdullah
2019-01-01The Speech Act of Congratulation in Palestinian Society: Positive Politeness and Gender DifferencesAl-Hour, Intisar Ibraheem
2016-01-01Speech Acts in Imperative Sentences Used in the Holy Quran: The Case of Both the Cow and Joseph ChaptersAl-Masri, Nisreen Naseef
2012Square-wave oscillations in semiconductor ring lasers with delayed optical feedbackMashal, L.; Van der Sande, G.; Danckaert, J.; Verschaffelt, G.
2019-01-01Stability Theory of Difference EquationsShammas, Woroud Ishaq