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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-10-29Political Corruption: Conceptual and Methodological ApproachesQafisheh, Mutaz
2014A Politics of Hesitation? Gaza and the International Criminal CourtQafisheh, Mutaz
2018Portfolio in the EFL Writing Classroom Students PerspectivesFarrah, Mohammed
2017-01-01A Posteriori Error Estimates For Elliptic Partial Differential Equations In The Finite Element MethodWazwaz, Manar Jafar
2022-01-01Power Comparison of Some Goodness of Fit TestsGhayyadah, Ayah
2019-07a powerful prognostic tool indicator for the risk of hepatocellular carcinoma...Shaee, MM, Janazra, A, Hassouna, I
2017-01-01A pragmatic analysis of diminutives in Palestinian societyMahmood K. M. ESHRETEH
2020-01-29Pre-service Teachers' reflection on Teaching English for Young Learners Course and their Perspectives towards Meeting the 21st Century Skills at Hebron UniversityFarrah, Mohammed
2013-04-21Preclinical evaluation of invariant natural killer T cells in the 5T33 multiple myeloma modelNur, Haneen
2012-11-16Preclinical evaluation of invariant natural killer T cells in the 5T33 multiple myeloma modelNur, Haneen
2018-05-22Predictive Self – efficacy, Paranoid Personality and life’s stresses, on social anxiety among a sample of adolescents in Jordan and its relation with self security.abu ghosh, sana; milhem, sami; al ali, maysoon
2010). Preliminary Compatibility between Some Table-Grapevine Scion and Phylloxera- Resistant Rootstock CultivarsHamdan, Abdul-Jalil; Basheer-Slimieh, Rezq
2018-12-24Prevalence and Comparison of HLA-B27 among Ankylosing Spondylitis Patients in Palestine and Arab PopulationAbedalkhader/Attili, Rozan; Hussein, Ayman; Odeh, Hilal; Hijaz, Hatem
2013-01-23prevalence awareness treatment and control of hypertension in the Palestinian populationMR Khdour, HO Hallak, M Shaeen, AS Jarab, QN Al-Shahed
2019prevalence of genetic cancers among public in Palestine:R Attili, M Shaheen, H Hejaz -
2001-07-23Prevalence of neuropsychiatric and mucous membrane irritation complaints among Palestinian shoe factory workers exposed to organic solvents and plastic compoundsTakrori, F.; Nijem, K.; Kristensen, P.; Al-Khatib, A.; Bjertness, E.
2019-04-13Prevalence of Thrombophilia in Palestine and the Association of Thrombophilic Gene Polymorphisms with Recurrent Pregnancy LossAbedalkhader/Attili, Rozan; Hussein, Ayman; Odeh, Hilal; Hejaz, Hatem
2020-01-01Pronunciation Problems among Palestinian English Major Students in Hebron UniversityFarrah, Mohammed; Halahlah, Nadia
2017-05-24A Proposed Scheme for Dynamic Threshold Versus Noise Uncertainty in Cognitive Radio Networks (DTNU)Arar, Adnan M.; Masri, Ahmed M.; Ghannam, Hidaya O.; Tumar, Iyad K.