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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-01-01Parametric and Nonparametric Survival Analysis of Censored Data With CovariatesAltose, Tasneem
2014-02Patterns of NSAIDs Use in Palestinian Mid-Territories: A prospective Study of Ambulatory Patients in Outpatient PharmaciesKhdour, M. Shaheen, M
2014-02Patterns of NSAIDs use in Palestinian mid-territories: a prospective study of ambulatory patients in outpatient pharmacies.Dweib, Mohammad; Khdour, Maher
2017Performance Obstacles for English Language Teachers- Yatta DirectorateAbu Minshar, Manal ,kamalMakhmrah; Abu Minshar, Manal , kamalMakhamrah
2018-01Personal Mobile Malware Guard PMMG: a mobile malware detection technique based on user’s preferencesAmro, Belal
2016-01-01The Perspective of Eighth Grade English Teachers on the Textbook Reading Comprehension Questions at Hebron DistrictAqeel, Maram Yousef
2016Pharmacovigilance and adverse drug reactions reporting process in West-Bank, PalestineDweib, Mohammad; Khdour, Maher
2018-02Phishing Techniques in Mobile DevicesAmro, Belal
2009-04-01The pleiotropic effects of the bar gene and glufosinate on the Arabidopsis transcriptomeAbdeen, Ashraf
2019-01-01Politeness and Ideology in Al TayyebSalih'sSeason of Migration to the North: A Critical Pragmatic StudyDraweesh, Yasmin Yasir
2017-08-24Politeness Battles and Paying Bills in the Palestinian Society: A Pragmatic StudyEshreteh, Mahmood
2019-01-01Politeness Strategies in Invitations Used by Palestinian Speakers of EnglishSalhab, Shahd Waleed
2019-10-29Political Corruption: Conceptual and Methodological ApproachesQafisheh, Mutaz
2014A Politics of Hesitation? Gaza and the International Criminal CourtQafisheh, Mutaz
2018Portfolio in the EFL Writing Classroom Students PerspectivesFarrah, Mohammed
2017-01-01A Posteriori Error Estimates For Elliptic Partial Differential Equations In The Finite Element MethodWazwaz, Manar Jafar
2022-01-01Power Comparison of Some Goodness of Fit TestsGhayyadah, Ayah
2019-07a powerful prognostic tool indicator for the risk of hepatocellular carcinoma...Shaee, MM, Janazra, A, Hassouna, I
2017-01-01A pragmatic analysis of diminutives in Palestinian societyMahmood K. M. ESHRETEH
2020-01-29Pre-service Teachers' reflection on Teaching English for Young Learners Course and their Perspectives towards Meeting the 21st Century Skills at Hebron UniversityFarrah, Mohammed