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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-07-10Eighth Grade Textbook Reading Comprehension Questions and Barrett's Taxonomy: Teachers' Perspectives at Hebron District, PalestineAqeel, Maram; Farrah, Mohammed
2021-01-01An Electronic Health Records Interoperability Model Among Hebron Hospitals In PalestineNajjar, Arwa
2012Empirical Relations for Calculating Selected Physical Properties of Pure Liquid Metals and Binary Liquid AlloysTakrori, F.; Ayyad, A; Aqra, F.
2015-09English Digital Dictionaries as Valuable Blended Learning ToolsDwaik, Raghad
2018-08-09English Student's Attitudes Towards Using Flipped Classrooms in Language Learning at Hebron UniversityFarrah, Mohammed; Qawasmeh, Ahlam
2015-01-01Enhanced Soil Solarization against Tomato Fusarium Diseases in the UplandsGhyada, Riziq Mohammad
2015-01-01Enhancement of the biocontrol potential of Trichoderma harzianum in controlling Fusarium oxysporum on tomato.Ruzayqat, Ahmad Mohammad
2013-12-01Enhancing privacy in collaborative traffic-monitoring systems using autonomous location updateAmro, Amro; Saygin, Yucel; Levi, Albert
2010-12-15Enhancing the English Reading and Writing Skills of Palestinian English Majors by Using CALLFarrah, Mohammed; Tushyeh, H
2013-01-01Erasure-Coding Based Data Delivery in Delay Tolerant NetworksMassri, Khalil; Beraldi, Roberto; Vitaletti, Andrea
2018Ethics of the Legal Profession in PalestineQafisheh, Mutaz
2020-01-01An Evaluation of Incorporating the 21st Century Skills in 12th Grade English for PalestineAmr, Shadi Mahmoud
2022-11-30An Evaluation of Online Courses in English Departments at Palestinian Universities during Covid-19 Pandemic Using the IHEP 2000 Quality BenchmarksFarrah, Mohammed; Jadallah, Heba
2016-01-01Evaluation of the Task – Based Learning in the Textbook English for Palestine – Ninth Grade at the Government and UNRWA Schools in Hebron DistrictKaraki, Rasha Sameer
2008-06-24Evaluation of Two Hydrological Processes and Soil Characteristics under Different Climatic Conditions at West Bank, PalestineAyed Mohammad
2012-07-15Examining the Use of Arabic in English Classes at the Primary Stage in Hebron Government Schools, Palestine: Teachers’ PerspectiveFarrah, Mohammed; Salah, Nidaa
2010-01-18Excitability in optical systems close to Z2-symmetryBeri, S.; mashal, L.; Gelens, L.; Van der Sande, G.; Verschaffelt, G.; Danckaert, J.
2010Excitability in semiconductor microring lasers: Experimental and theoretical pulse characterizationGelensl, L.; mashal, L.
2012-05-15Experimental and numerical study of square wave oscillations due to asymmetric optical feedback in semiconductor ring lasersMashal, L.